Tanium Expands into Digital Employee Experience Category

Tanium, a provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), unveiled its digital employee experience (DEX) solution, which helps IT leaders to measure and improve the technology experience that companies offer to their employees.

By incorporating these DEX capabilities into the XEM platform, Tanium completes the end-to-end endpoint management lifecycle.

Digital transformation and hybrid work have brought employee digital experiences to the fore as a critical aspect of the overall work experience, making it a top priority for CIOs to ensure high productivity, better employee satisfaction and lower IT support costs.

The DEX addition empowers IT teams to monitor and manage the health and performance of employee digital experiences. Unlike traditional set-it-and-forget-it approaches, Tanium XEM with DEX delivers self-help functionality that allows employees to fix issues affecting their devices and supports automated remediation for a seamless experience; it also provides survey and notification features, which enables continual measurement and improvement of user experiences.

Analysts estimate that by 2025, 50 percent of IT organizations will have a DEX strategy, including solutions and support teams, up from just 15 percent last year. Tanium XEM with DEX is a converged endpoint management platform that provides an efficient and cost-effective DEX solution coupled with comprehensive endpoint and vulnerability management capabilities via a single agent — delivering exceptional experiences everywhere and rapid returns on investment.

Tanium XEM with DEX removes the barriers between IT and employees with industry-first management and analytics capabilities to support better organizational decisions. Features include:

  • Automated desktop notifications to inform employees about issues that may affect their experiences
  • Proactively triggered self-remediation options to avoid work disruption
  • Real-time health scores for organizations and the discrete endpoints in their environments to establish and improve upon baseline performance
  • The ability to use historical and current data to identify systemic issues, determine root causes, and remediate issues at scale
  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback loops to measure and improve employee satisfaction

Learn how you can drive employee satisfaction and performance with Tanium’s dynamic and seamless digital experience: www.tanium.com/solutions/digital-employee-experience.