Talion: 45 Percent of Professionals Believe Law Enforcement Slows Ransomware Recovery

Approximately 45 percent of “cybersecurity professionals” believe that law enforcement actually slows or prevents an organization’s recovery from ransomware attack. Plus, according to Talion’s new “Ransomware Perceptions Report, 2021,” about 10 percent of those surveyed are unsure as to how to report a ransomware attack to officials anyway.

Talion noted that the survey indicates a “true need” for “government level” response, with 83 percent considering getting hit to be a “cybersecurity failure.” It was noted that this response should include a framework to guide organizations on how to respond to a strike.

Other troubling statistics included 70 percent indicating that ransomware instances climb due to victims’ insurance payments; 37 percent saying they have or would pay the demand and over 50 percent believing paying the ransom should be made illegal.

Recommendations include:

  • Targeting remote working security.
  • Investing in user education.
  • Prioritizing patching.
  • Regularly updating passwords.
  • Remaining updated on attacker techniques.

The survey is based on data pulled from 200 U.K. cybersecurity professionals.