Talespin Raises $20M to Train Workers Using Spatial Technologies

Talespin announced it has raised $20 million in funding to train workers using virtual reality and augmented reality — or spatial technologies.

During the pandemic, Talespin learned companies are willing to pay for VR and AR training because it’s often cheaper than sending workers into real-life situations with expensive enterprise or industrial equipment. And because they can’t train people so easily with remote work conditions.

Instead of building content internally, the company shifted to making tools for enterprises to build their own applications more quickly.

Seek Investments and Allomer Capital led the round, with participation from additional investors, including Pearson Ventures, Accenture Ventures, Go1, and Sony Innovation Fund.

The workforce and workplace have experienced historic disruption globally through “the Great Resignation,” digitalization and remote work.

Simultaneous to workforce disruption, the metaverse and web 3.0 are introducing technologies designed to make the internet more immersive and decentralized, transforming industries ranging from finance to remote collaboration and education, according to Talespin.

With its experience, enterprises are turning to solutions like Talespin. Talespin leverages immersive technology to rethink how people learn new skills and measure skill competencies, and in turn, puts a foundation in place for professional development that helps people and organizations keep up with business transformation.

Since 2015, Talespin has developed a platform to power the creation and distribution of immersive learning experiences in VR and AR. It includes CoPilot Designer, an authoring tool that puts lets companies and content creators build their own custom applications.

The technology uses 3D virtual humans and environments to help people practice conversational skills and simulate jobs with real-time feedback and skills analytics. Trusted by organizations like Accenture, AIA Hong Kong & Macau, Farmers Insurance, JFF, and 10 of the largest employers in the Fortune 500, the Talespin platform can accelerate learning, higher employee engagement, and more impactful upskilling and reskilling programs, the company said.

Talespin’s new funding comes on the heels of rapid momentum for the company, as solutions to better train and reskill the workforce are in high demand, and the world’s top organizations explore use cases for the metaverse.

In recent months, the company has onboarded several enterprise customers and members of its partner program, including Accenture and Go1, with further collaboration and commercial partnerships to be announced later in 2022.

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