SysAid, Oomnitza Partner to Provide Insights, Management

SysAid, a service automation company and provider of IT service management software announced it has partnered with Oomnitza, a leader in delivering Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions.

The partnership will provide customers looking to go beyond basic IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities with a holistic ETM practice that elevates IT service management and delivery supported by automation at scale.

The pandemic put new and unexpected demands on IT service delivery and management, with employees relying on dozens of applications across on-premises infrastructure and cloud services to do their daily jobs, often from remote locations.

As a result, the importance of being able to gain a holistic view of IT assets, and software to support services and employees has grown.

SysAid and Oomnitza integrate allowing for bi-directional data flow across their respective platforms. This capability empowers IT teams using SysAid with Oomnitza to gain accurate and updated asset lifecycle intelligence – placing the what, where, who, and when context at the operator’s fingertips.

SysAid is a service automation company that provides software for IT teams to control all aspects of service management. From ticket sorting through workflows that eliminate the need for manual repetitive tasks, and empowering users to resolve common IT issues, SysAid service automation enables faster service, lighter workloads and a smoother experience for admins and users.

Beyond IT, wherever there is a service — from HR to procurement — SysAid makes things run smarter.

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