Survey: Employees Experience Mental Health Issues from Job Stress

Magical announced findings of its “State of Time Report” that surveyed more than 1,000 adult employees on topics related to workplace time management. Results show the transition to remote and hybrid work has exacerbated issues pertaining to how companies manage their employees’ time.

Key findings:

  • 56 percent said their mental health has suffered due to stress caused by continual time mismanagement at their jobs
  • 62 percent would consider taking a 10 percent pay cut to have a four-day workweek
  • 67 percent consider quitting their job at least once a month due to the frustrations caused by time mismanagement at their jobs
  • 76 percent say their work calendar overwhelms them at least once a month

“While COVID-19 accelerated the transition to hybrid and remote work, our findings make it clear that status quo workplace time management practices have not evolved,” said Tommy Barav, Magical’s co-founder and CEO. “The future of work is at an inflection point as the antiquated processes, policies and technologies of years past don’t sync with the demands of the modern-day workforce.”

Magical’s survey also found that while 61 percent of employees said they’re most productive in meetings that last less than 30 minutes, 83 percent reported that the length of their average meetings either stayed the same or got longer as they shifted to remote and/or hybrid working setups during COVID-19.

“Our findings indicate that despite more of the workforce operating from the comforts of home, most employees are operating in working environments that are not optimizing their time,” Barav said. “Even as more work has shifted home, the stresses associated with the traditional office place have followed suit.”

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