Study Finds Employees Split on In-person vs. Remote Work

Convene, a company creating dynamic work experiences with a network of more than 23 premium meeting, event and office locations and digital meeting technology, announced results from a national survey commissioned on workplace trends and employee sentiment.

The responses touch on issues relevant to companies returning to the office, including: how much time an average employee wants to spend with colleagues in-person at work in the future, what pain points employers are facing, and the role of the “hybrid” workplace and Millennial/Gen-Z preferences for a flexible schedule.

Convene’s survey reached nearly 1,000 full-time employees across various roles, industries, and U.S. geographies, in order to take a closer look at concerns, interests, and trends being observed in today’s workplace as well as sentiments on hybrid workplaces and hybrid meetings and events.

This is especially relevant as companies like Apple and Microsoft are adopting hybrid models, and with another 77% of business leaders saying they intend to use a hybrid model during the next year.

Here are some findings that speak to larger sentiments around workplace behavior among employees at all employment levels, age demographics and more, including:

  • At the executive leadership level, findings showed that retaining talent and maintaining company culture are the top two pain points being experienced by this demographic. Seventy-six percent of executive employees identify retaining talent as an extreme or moderate pain point and 74 percent identify maintaining company culture as an extreme or moderate pain point. Other leading pain points are keeping staff engaged and productive and attracting new talent.
  • Employee preferences are varied. There is no one size fits all. Convene’s survey found teams are split on where they preferred to work, and what they prioritized as important in their workplace. While a third of the respondents enjoy working from the office and access to their co-workers, another third prefers the privacy of working from home, and the remaining prefer a flex-office or third-party location that was most convenient.
  • While there is no consensus on a preferred mode of work, 92 percent want some sort of in-person programming with coworkers. More than 75 percent of employees want to meet for an in-person event at least once every three months. Only 8 percent of employees want a completely remote future with no in person events. Among high-performing employees, the desire for more frequent in-person events increased, with 84 percent stating they want them on at least a quarterly basis.

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