Stolt-Nielsen Deploys Orange SASE Solution to Protect Hybrid Workforce

Stolt-Nielsen, an expert in bulk liquid logistics and sustainable land-based aquaculture, has chosen Orange Business to provide a secure access service edge (SASE) solution. It combines SD-WAN connectivity with global security service edge (SSE) to support the company’s global, hybrid workforce and drive business growth.

Stolt-Nielsen has a diverse business portfolio, including a large fleet of chemical tankers, terminals for the safe storage and handling of bulk liquids, and bulk door-to-door chemical delivery logistics. It prides itself on being a trailblazer in adopting technology in its field.

The multinational enterprise was an early adopter of SD-WAN and is moving to the next generation of advanced solutions. It was looking to replace a set up of internet providers and network solutions with one integrated service to optimize performance and security for its 2,500 hybrid users globally.

Stolt-Nielsen wanted a trusted partner to help migrate from its former infrastructure and develop a phased SASE strategy. It chose Orange as the integrator, impressed by its global network capabilities, security expertise, and broad portfolio of services.

The Orange SASE Advanced offering, created for Stolt-Nielsen in partnership with Netskope, provides enhanced global connectivity and consistent internet security on and off the network.

With Netskope’s SSE infrastructure located across more than 70 regions globally, plugging it into the Orange network ensures data security can be managed centrally without affecting business productivity.