Spinach raises $2.75M Pre-seed Round for Zoom Meeting Integration

Spinach, one of the first Zoom Apps partners aimed at helping distributed teams be more effective, raised  $2.75 million in pre-seed funding led by Cardumen Capital with participation from Zoom, Tuesday Capital, Liron Petrushka (seed investor in LendingClub, Zillow, Next Insurance), Yoni Assia (eToro founder & CEO) and other investors.

“With the right tools, remote work can and should be more productive than the in-person alternative. The pandemic has catapulted this existing trend and the workforce of tomorrow will demand premium, remote work experiences. Spinach is designed to deliver exactly that by making virtual meetings extremely productive, engaging and fun,” said Matan Talmi, CEO and co-founder of Spinach.

“We’re proud to make Spinach one our first investments,” said Colin Born at the Zoom Apps Fund. “The app Spinach has developed to work within Zoom is already helping teams run more impactful stand-ups than ever before, and we can’t wait to see what the company creates next as they pursue their vision of making remote workflows even more efficient.”

A six-person team spends an average of 750 hours per year in 30 minute daily stand-ups. Spinach makes that time count by adding increased organization, efficiency and transparency to daily stand-ups, all over Zoom. Spinach choreographs the daily stand-up by running the agenda, capturing action items and sharing them through the right channels. Spinach keeps everyone aligned by frictionlessly solving meeting organization and providing increased clarity amongst team members.

With the launch of the Private Beta, Spinach will deliver reimagined workflow optimizations to some of the most innovative distributed teams. This fresh round of funding will be used to launch full access to Spinach, expand the engineering team and get Spinach into the hands of more teams navigating the remote era.

Now available in private beta, Spinach helps remote teams boost productivity of their virtual stand-up meetings. Early adopters can join the waitlist here.