SolidRun Unveils SD-WAN Appliance for Small Offices, Branches

SolidRun, a developer and manufacturer of a high-performance system on module (SOM) solutions, single board computers (SBC), and network edge solutions, expands its SolidWAN line of software-defined network appliances with the introduction of the SolidWAN CN9131. Building on the success of the SolidWAN system-level solutions for software-defined wide-area networks and network security applications, the SolidWAN CN9131 sets a standard for small form factor SD-WAN hardware solutions.

“As businesses worldwide embrace the transformative power of software-defined networking, the need for adaptable and cost-effective network hardware becomes increasingly crucial,” said Dr. Atai Ziv, CEO at SolidRun.

“SolidRun understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t meet the diverse requirements of connecting today’s businesses and distributed workforce,” Ziv continued. “That’s why we’ve developed our SolidWAN line of SD-WAN appliances. By making software-defined solutions more affordable and easily deployable across home offices, branch offices, data centers and beyond, we empower businesses to build agile and scalable networks that drive efficiency, security and seamless connectivity.”

SD-WAN technology revolutionizes traditional networking by providing enhanced performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With its software-defined capabilities, SolidRun’s SolidWAN solutions simplify network management, increase network agility and improve application performance across multiple locations.

These solutions are crucial for businesses with distributed branch offices, enabling them to centralize control, optimize bandwidth usage and secure their networks.

SolidWAN network hardware solutions are optimized for software-defined networking applications and provide direct connectivity of network ports to the CPU. This direct connection allows all network traffic to be managed by software, which guarantees the highest security and best possible quality of service and makes upgrading network hardware, deploying updates and establishing network services fast and easy.

The embedded Marvell OCTEON CN9131 SoC is designed to address the specific networking requirements of small to medium businesses (SMBs). With its quad-core performance and 12 high-speed SERDES lanes, the SoC delivers processing power for network data management and security.

It features a configurable packet processor, allowing for flexible parsing and classification of network traffic, supports I/O virtualization, enabling efficient resource allocation and includes QoS buffer management and a virtual security engine and packet processor for enhanced security measures.

Each unit features 8GB of eMMC storage, 4GB DDR4 RAM, and 8MB SPI NOR Flash memory.

As with many SolidRun network hardware solutions, the SolidWAN products offer SKUs that support a range of deployment environments and can be pre-configured for commercial applications where environmental conditions range between 0°C to 40°C, or for more extreme industrial applications where conditions range between -20°C to 65°C.

All configurations feature a heat-shedding, finned aluminum enclosure with no fan.

SolidWAN products are compatible with Linux-based software applications, including DPDK, which provides data plane libraries and network interface controller polling-mode drivers for offloading TCP packet processing from the operating system kernel to processes running in user space.

SolidRun also has partnered with software developers to offer full SD-WAN and security service software to customers.

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