Snow, Anodot Partner to Transform Cloud Cost Management

Snow Software, a leader in technology intelligence, and Anodot, a business monitoring company, announced a strategic partnership to help organizations solve the urgent challenge of managing rapidly growing and increasingly complex cloud costs.

Snow and Anodot will bridge the disciplines of IT asset management (ITAM) and finance operations (FinOps) to address evolving issues associated with cloud cost management. As cloud usage rises across industries, companies are struggling to attain complete visibility into their spending across technologies and across multi-cloud environments, Kubernetes costs, cost variability and allocation, and bill complexity, resulting in missed opportunities to reduce cloud waste and overspending.

The two companies are committing significant go-to-market and research and development investments, leveraging core technologies in their portfolios – Snow Atlas and Anodot Cost – to address this challenge.

According to IDC, cloud spending will exceed $1.3 trillion by 2025. This spending includes everything from cloud infrastructure and application services to servers and storage, to professional and managed services. Cloud spending continues to surge, but organizations struggle to gain a complete picture of their cloud investment.

While ITAM provides a view into the software used and FinOps helps organizations navigate the bill from their cloud service provider, there isn’t one holistic view available to leaders. Snow and Anodot are dedicated to solving this issue by offering a complete picture of cloud investments to every stakeholder across an organization that requires visibility of those resources from IT to FinOps to Engineering.

As a first step of the partnership, Snow is introducing a cloud cost management solution that enables granular cloud cost visibility and continuous cost monitoring for multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments — including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform — and provides actionable savings recommendations.

Snow Cloud Cost powered by Anodot offers an easy-to-use dashboard that enables attribution and tracking of costs across cloud providers, applications, services and lines of business in near real-time. The solution also provides accurate forecasting, anomaly detection and alerts, which eliminate cost spikes and foster a successful FinOps culture.

For further details about the Snow-Anodot partnership and to preview what’s ahead in cloud cost management, find Snow at FinOps X, the FinOps Foundation event, June 20-21, in Austin, Texas, or learn more at