Smart Home Management App Opens Revenue Streams

Broadband Service providers can use comprehensive and GDPR-protected data insights from a smart home management app to improve customers’ Wi-Fi experience and unlock new revenue streams thanks to Gamgee’s upgrade to AVM’s FRITZ!Box Wi-Fi Router.

The “Gamgee App for FRITZ!Box” presents service providers with a management capability that maps the home network, user behavior and app usage analytics.

This offers a tool for service providers as they can gain an understanding of their subscribers and use the knowledge to optimize and personalize service offerings and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“The evolution of the smart home has shifted service providers’ focus towards effectively managing and monetizing user experience inside the home,” said Gamgee CEO, Paul Hendriks. “We are delighted to add further to the FRITZ!Box’s quality and performance by enabling service providers the precious opportunity of reclaiming relationships with their subscribers, providing them with a personalized and customizable experience with our white label app. It also allows operators to differentiate their product from others in the marketplace through the extra services they offer consumers.”

Service providers can guarantee a high-quality Wi-Fi experience for customers via the seamless management of users and devices, network-wide application of cybersecurity and parental controls, and other features such as Wi-Fi speed boost, online time scheduling and blocking harmful content.

The app can be used on the end users’ mobile devices, providing an overview of all the devices connected to the router, while measuring Wi-Fi traffic and performance.

It can allocate and prioritize bandwidth for certain devices when needed, such as a laptop for a work meeting over another user in the home network streaming videos on a tablet.

Gamgee’s full feature set for FRITZ!Box includes cybersecurity, identity protection,and soon other services, like a VPN service.

Users can manage all connected users and devices, and the entire home network from the app’s centralized digital home management panel, meaning they can deploy for example, a ‘content blocking algorithm’ for all devices on the network.

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