SlashNext Launches Email Protection for Microsoft 365

SlashNext, a leader in SaaS-based multi-channel phishing protection across email, web and mobile for the modern workforce, introduced SlashNext Email Protection for Microsoft 365. The integrated cloud email service claims to stop 65 percent more spear-phishing, BEC, malware and ransomware link threats than all other cloud-native email security services.

SlashNext Email Protection for Microsoft 365 offers organizations a layer of real-time scanning, detection and removal of zero hour threats before they reach users with 99.9 percent accuracy, according to the company.

SlashNext integrates with Microsoft 365 Security and delivers simple, secure, comprehensive, accurate, and powerful cloud email protection:

  • Simple – Five minutes from integration to protection using the Microsoft Graph API
  • Secure – Authenticate with OAuth, securely manage tenant, and data are never stored on disk to ensure zero loss of PII.
  • Comprehensive – Industry-leading zero hour threat coverage for targeted human compromise attacks, such as credential stealing, BEC, spear-phishing, legitimate service compromise, social engineering scams, ransomware, and malware links.
  • Accurate – Real-time scanning, detection, and removal of zero hour threats before they reach users.
  • Powerful – Advanced search and unified security analytics enable security professionals to pinpoint threats by user and type across email, web, and mobile channels — extensible REST API integrations for leading SIEMs and SOARs, including abuse inbox management playbook.

“Human hacking has become the number one cybersecurity challenge for organizations, as 91 percent of all cyber breaches include a phishing attack. Cybercriminal sophistication – using legitimate services compromise – is making it possible to launch highly-targeted attacks on a massive scale which are impossible for the human eye to detect,” said Patrick Harr, SlashNext CEO. “Today, human hacking emails are well designed to get through traditional defenses. SlashNext’s patented machine learning technology is purpose-built to provide 99.9 percent zero hour protection against these types of threats, including credential stealing, BEC, spear-phishing, legitimate link compromise, social engineering scams, ransomware and malware links.”

The way people work today has left users more exposed than ever to cyberattacks, adding to the threats facing organizations. Using multiple devices for work and personal use to communicate and collaborate, combined with the reality of remote work, means millions are regularly working outside of traditional security defenses. All of this means phishing threats – already at record numbers – continue to rise across multiple channels, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn, SMS/Text, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others.

Organizations can access a full protection suite through SlashNext Complete for multi-channel protection across email, browser, mobile, and API. SlashNext Email Protection and the SlashNext Complete solution work with existing security – including SEGs, endpoint security tools, and Microsoft security built into Microsoft 365.

By blocking 99.9 percent of zero-hour phishing threats before they reach a company’s people – through email or another digital channel – the organization becomes safer from the most prolific rise in cybercrime seen in recent years.

For more information, visit SlashNext Email Protection for Microsoft 365.