Skye Learning Shares Three New Work from Home Courses

Edtech firm MindEdge Learning announced the launch of a new series of Work From Home courses from  Skye Learning, a MindEdge brand, which provides remote workers with skills as many continue to work from home during the pandemic.

The bundle includes: Health and Wellness at Home, Technology at Home and Work-Life Balance.

Even as vaccinations have become widely available in the United States, MindEdge/Skye Learning’s 2021 The State of Remote Work survey found that 49 percent of workers say their companies will institute a hybrid work schedule in 2021, meaning they will continue to work from home for part of the week.

“Working from home isn’t just about the technical acumen needed to manage the technology. Physical and mental health and a host of other factors affect the remote work environment, which in turn affects productivity,” said Sandy Slager, president of Skye Learning. “When combined, these three work from home courses will alleviate some of the issues that remote workers have experienced over the course of the pandemic, not just as employees but as people.”

Health and Wellness at Home – In this course, learners will discover how psychological and emotional health are connected to overall health and wellness, while gaining tools to develop and maintain emotional wellness strategies and mindfulness techniques. Learners will also learn to identify recommended dietary guidelines and assess the impact of nutritional habits, regular movement and exercise on their health. By the end of the course, learners will be able to evaluate their current levels of health and wellness and develop a self-help plan to improve their lifestyles.

Technology at Home – Through this course, learners will come to understand the basic concepts of home computing and networking, empowering them to make informed and effective choices for home network products and services. Learners will gain skills such as identifying and utilizing cloud computing resources, managing their own domain for web or email services, and proper security practices for home computing. Further, they will learn to troubleshoot common computing problems and identify common pitfalls and home technology expenses.

Work-Life Balance – This course will help learners define work-life balance and its importance, particularly for remote workers. They will learn about key work-from-home issues they should discuss with their employers, identify strategies to reduce screen time, and assess the effectiveness of different stress-reduction techniques to help maintain a work-life balance. This course will also discuss the challenges for remote workers who are also caregivers, either for children or for elderly parents, with an exploration of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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