SecureAuth Extends FIDO Membership, Commitment for FIDO2 Certifications

SecureAuth, a leader in access management and authentication, announces today the continuation of its membership to the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance and it extended its commitment to FIDO2 certification standards.

For more than a decade, SecureAuth has supported the FIDO Alliance through its suite of FIDO certified products that enable the utilization and implementation of FIDO-certified technologies. Since 2015, SecureAuth has enabled FIDO2 WebAuthn-compliant devices to be deployed within its Administration Console. Arculix, SecureAuth’s next-generation authentication platform.

As organizations strive to protect digital identities, there is an increasing demand to deliver frictionless user experiences for the workforce and customers. Providing a streamlined login and authentication experience for the workforce will attract talent and elevate productivity. For customers, delivering the right level of friction reduces the abandonment rate and can contribute to differentiation.

“Adopting FIDO2-based authentication methods that don’t rely on passwords could eliminate most of the password-related breaches and account takeover (ATO) attacks for an enterprise,” said Paul Trulove, CEO of SecureAuth. “SecureAuth treats authentication as a continuum, allowing customers to defend against threat actors at all stages of their attack plan – before, during and after authentication. Passwordless, continuous authentication is the next-generation approach that strikes the delicate balance between speed and secure access.”

Forging advances in passwordless continuous authentication, SecureAuth focuses on enabling secure engagement with the digital world by leveraging industry standards. SecureAuth is dedicated to delivering FIDO2-certified methods to authenticate through WebAuthn-compliant devices and a mobile app authenticator providing flexibility for the users.

Throughout the FIDO evolution, SecureAuth has been onboard for all three notable advancements:

  1. The rise of standards-based authentication integration
  2. Adoption of FIDO2 as a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard allowing for standards-based web application passwordless
  3. Microsoft, Apple, and Google’s recent commitment to advancing endpoint and device passwordless solutions by adopting FIDO2 into the operating system (OS).

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