San Francisco Leads Nation in Work from Home

An estimated 86.3 percent of San Francisco employees are working from home, the highest rate among 10 major U.S. metro areas. That figure edges out New York at 86.1 percent. The San Francisco work-from-home rate held steady from the week prior, while New York increased slightly.

Nationally, among the 10 major cities measured, the average work–from–home rate is 75.2 percent, according to exclusive analysis of office occupancy data collected by Kastle Systems, which measures office keycard swipes through its commercial security systems.

The three major Texas metro areas, Austin, Dallas and Houston, started with the lowest work-from-home rates in the nation and all declined in the past week, indicated that people continue to return to offices and workplaces in the Lone Star state.

On March 10, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was the first to rescind most coronavirus restrictions, including mask mandates and allowed business to set their own capacity limits.

Los Angeles experienced an increase in its work-from-home rate from the week prior, from 75 percent to 77.5 percent.