Rockset Incorporates Support for Real-Time Data Ingestion from Azure Blob, Event Hubs, Service Bus

Rockset, a real-time analytics company, added support for real-time data ingestion from Azure Blob Storage, Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus. With this news, customers can ingest, transform and analyze real-time data from their Azure data lake or event stream without needing complex, real-time data pipelines.

With an extensive library of built-in data connectors for schemeless ingestion from existing event streams, databases and lakes, Rockset can stay in sync with the data source, supporting analytics within 1-2 seconds of new data being generated. As the data arrives, Rockset supports continuous SQL transformations and rollups without the need for batch ETL jobs.

Unlike traditional warehouses that use columnar stores, Rockset indexes every field for sub-second search, aggregations and joins. As a result, it frees developers from rigid data pipelines, schema definition, denormalization, deduplication, and query performance tuning, replacing it with real-time analytics at cloud scale, without the cost and complexity. With this new release, Azure customers can sync their data using fully managed connectors to popular Azure and Microsoft services, including Azure Blob Storage, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Service Bus.

“Companies are recognizing that they cannot build a data-driven culture relying on batch-based analytics and BI alone,” said Venkat Venkataramani, co-founder and CEO at Rockset. “There is too much latency at every step — finding the data, ingesting it, querying it and representing it. In an age of lightning-fast consumer apps such as Instagram, users won’t tolerate excruciatingly slow analytics experiences. Not your customers, nor even your internal employees. Azure has a strong public cloud presence, and with this release we are making real-time analytics more accessible and affordable for all Azure customers.”

Rockset already integrates with multiple data lakes, event streams and transactional databases within Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The launch streamlines the process for Azure customers to access real-time analytics. Rockset offers built-in connectors that are managed as part of its cloud platform, obviating the need for users to build and manage complicated data pipelines or use a separate ETL tool, and enabling real-time search, aggregations and joins across disparate data from multiple sources.