RKVST Presents Team SaaS Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, Trust Solution

RKVST, a provider of supply chain integrity, transparency and trust, announced a free and subscription-based Team tier of its enterprise SaaS solution, allowing organizations to collaborate on and share data in near real-time, confident in the trustworthiness of that data.

The RKVST platform removes the hassles, mistakes and risk associated with the manual processes and paperwork involved in sharing data across organizations, enabling all partners in the supply chain to collaborate and work with a single source of truth.

RKVST does this by capturing the identity of sources and origin of data, enforcing sharing and visibility rules with strong cryptography and underpinning that with distributed ledger technology that prevents forgery, back-dating or shredding of evidence. Together, provenance, governance and immutability bring the right level of trust in data for faster confident decisions with lower business risk for organizations.

“With the RKVST Free tier, we are making our award-winning enterprise blockchain accessible to the mainstream market. Delivering integrity, transparency and trust to digital supply chains is now available to everyone with a single API call or a single click,” said Jon Geater, chief technology and product officer at RKVST. “RKVST ensures that the right data gets to the right place at the right time, matching the speed and complexity challenges of today’s digital infrastructure and delivering the continuous assurance required for zero trust architecture.”

Traditionally, cost and complexity have been barriers for unifying supply chain operations, making them the preserve of large government agencies and enterprises and where small suppliers are often left out. This creates blind spots that increase security and business risks for the entire supply chain as well as significant amounts of human resources spent auditing and validating partner data.

RKVST is changing all of that by delivering a range of service options to suit organizations. RKVST Free provides DevOps and R&D professionals with a try-before-you-buy option and a free-forever service for small businesses. RKVST Team employs a pay-as-you-grow model for increased asset capacity, more features and more users per account tenancy.

The launch of RKVST Free and RKVST Team comes at a time when the push to adopt solutions that build trust and transparency is moving with unprecedented speed. The U.S. Executive Order 14028 highlights the need to transition to a zero-trust mindset with supply chain transparency and trust as major pillars. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has established a new working group focused on the issues of supply chain integrity, transparency and trust, and the latest cybersecurity review from the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre highlights the serious threats posed by supply chain attacks.

To learn more, visit RKVST.com.