Ricoh’s AI-powered Service Delivers Analytics to Workers in Any Location

Ricoh USA Inc. has introduced its RICOH Capture & Conversion Services, an advanced AI-powered solution that intelligently captures, digitizes and stores information, making it securely and efficiently accessible, searchable and useable to workers from anywhere, at any time.

This integrated service, built within Ricoh’s Digital Services Center, gives teams access to actionable analytics that will enhance end user experiences – for workers and customers. With it, they can act on information that will empower the acceleration of the digitization process.

According to recent findings from 451 Research, two out of three organizations have stated they are making remote work policies long-term or permanent. While the pandemic accelerated this shift, the “work from anywhere” concept is not new. Yet, Accenture has found that only 7 percent of companies are “fully future-ready” which, among other characteristics, involves leveraging advanced technologies that drive smarter decisions, more efficient operations and better business results.

The technologies in RICOH Capture & Conversion Services enable organizations to overcome the obstacles unstructured data presents by converting that data into useful, accessible and searchable information.

RICOH Capture & Conversion Services is the latest service built on RICOH’s Intelligent Business Platform, a workflow and process automation ecosystem that enables business insights through a single consumer-grade digital experience. Along with enabling collaboration and access to information from anywhere, this service accelerates business workflows, creates a centralized data repository, protects business continuity, and increases productivity and cost-efficiency with its combination of AI and human-in-the-loop processes.

It also integrates Computer Vision, an AI-powered approach to replicating what and how human eyes process information, to rapidly ingest and recognize documents. As the AI gets smarter, the RICOH Capture & Conversion Services can pull in additional relevant data, e.g., recognizing customer data on a document and then matching and enriching that data with an external customer database, delivering added efficiencies.

For more information on RICOH Capture & Conversion Services, click here.