Quill.com Launches HomeOffice, for Remote, Hybrid Workers

Quill.com, an online marketplace for small- and medium-sized businesses, has launched a new site designed to meet the specific needs of remote and hybrid workers: HomeOffice Fulfilled by Quill.com (homeoffice.quill.com).

Whether creating stylish and productive workspaces inside their homes or ordering the supplies they need to work in those spaces, HomeOffice delivers a single supply source for remote workers as they adapt to new ways of working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic forced us into a new world of work, and while we are starting to see a return to normalcy, it’s clear that remote and hybrid working, in some form, is here to stay for the foreseeable future,” said Sergio Pereira, President, Quill.com. “Remote workers have specific needs like desks that fit smaller spaces and technology that connects them to coworkers, while also requiring the same core essentials as traditional office workers: pens, paper, ink and toner and the like. HomeOffice is the first marketplace that solely focuses on this unique combination of needs.”

Beyond helping create stylish, productive workspaces and delivering everyday supplies, HomeOffice aims to promote the physical and mental wellness of WFH workers. This includes an emphasis on ergonomically healthy products. And the “Ideas & Inspiration” blog addresses timely topics such as avoiding Zoom fatigue, decluttering work-from-home days, and setting work-life balance boundaries in the home office.

“While there has been much ink spilled on the new remote work environment, we’re just starting to scratch the surface on the challenges and opportunities it brings,” Pereira said. “HomeOffice aims to give remote workers a single source for not just the supplies they need, but also for ideas and insights on how to improve their wellness, productivity and work-life balance.”

By using Quill’s delivery infrastructure that includes 18 U.S. distribution centers, HomeOffice is able to offer fast and free delivery (on orders of more than $35) to the contiguous 48 states. They also bring a customer service team that has served businesses nationwide for more than 60 years to work-from-home workers.

“We created HomeOffice to make it easy for remote workers to get what they need,” Pereira said. “Beyond the supplies and content, we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch to our experience. And utilizing Quill’s delivery system allows the remote worker to enjoy the same fast delivery businesses have benefited from for over 60 years.”

For more information, visit: homeoffice.quill.com.