Quantum Workplace Introduces Integration with Microsoft Teams

Quantum Workplace, a provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as a leader in data collection for nearly 50 Best Places to Work Programs across North America, announced its integration with Microsoft Teams.

As the hub for teamwork within Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams enables instant messaging, audio and video calling, online meetings, mobile experiences and web conferencing. The integration affords Quantum Workplace customers the ability to leverage direct messaging for its survey invitations, 1-on-1 meeting agendas, goals, feedback and recognition posts.

Quantum Workplace customers can contact their customer success manager to install the integration. Quantum Workplace will identify and match its users with those of Microsoft Teams. This will allow Quantum Workplace to send direct messages regarding its solutions to Teams users. These messages allow administrators to guide users on how to respond to survey invitations more promptly easily and seamlessly and receive recognition posts within Teams.

The integration also allows users to confirm 1-on-1 meeting agendas, follow up on goals, and provide feedback. This results in higher response rates and quicker replies from users, thereby providing organizations with increased opportunities for improving engagement and enhancing productivity.

“Now more than ever, organizations are using instant communications platforms and on-demand chat tools to communicate with employees in real-time, increase productivity and elevate engagement. With this integration, Quantum Workplace is providing its customers another vehicle by which to access our tools,” said Greg Harris CEO at Quantum Workplace.

“We can now prioritize the delivery of messages pertinent to our solutions for immediate attention allowing users to deliver feedback to their employers. This is especially helpful in light of remote work or hybrid workforces. Our customers will find this integration easy to use as it becomes a seamless part of their engagement and performance practices,” he added.