Product Review: Konftel’s Cam10 Webcam Extends Professional Quality, Customization and Privacy

With its ultra-wide viewing area and crisp image display, Konftel’s Cam10 webcam has to be one of the most stable and professional business cameras on the market today.

This special 1080p, full high-def camera sits comfortably atop one’s display, bringing to life all interactions it sees across its 90-degree viewing scope in full, HD prominence. Plus, with its auto-focus feature and options for manual zooming at up to 4X, the Cam10 offers crystal clear, professional video at an affordable price point.

Konftel’s charcoal black Cam10 also includes a pair of microphones, each with a one-meter pickup range. These mics each feature the company’s custom background noise reduction for improving the speaker’s vocal sound quality while eliminating a lot of the background noises that most mics – let-alone equipped webcams – tend to pick up. With this quality of audio, the webcam can even be used as one’s primary microphone in many cases. Plus, Cam10 features integration with the Konftel Ego professional speakerphone, which benefits from cutting-edge OmniSound audio clarity to complete the professional experience.

Generally speaking, the Cam10 offers high levels of audio and video support that make it the perfect choice to compliment virtual meetings, videoconferences and high-quality video presentations today. So, whether one is sitting in a virtual meeting or showing off content from a physical display or whiteboard, Cam10 offers the clarity to remotely accomplish video-related tasks.

Konftel’s Cam10 also takes security and privacy to the next level, offering a slide-able physical shutter atop the webcam. This slide promotes user privacy while serving to dissuade hackers and render Trojan malware less effective in spying.

Plus, it has fewer movable parts! With UVC-standard camera control, all device options are transmitted via its USB 2.0 plug-and-play connection. With this in mind, functions can be controlled and adjusted via the complimentary Konftel Camera Control app (currently in version for Windows or Mac. With this software, one can adjust how the Cam10 streams to the world. Features include custom zoom in / out (up to 4X), the ability to shift the camera direction up / down / to either side, toggles for vertical and horizontal flipping, anti-flicker elements and custom exposure toggles on a light-to-dark scale. Plus, advanced options for customizing one’s level of brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, gamma, white balance, backlight and gain allows one to make all of the necessary adjustments to turn the Cam10 into the perfect accompaniment for one’s own unique background.

To compliment its lifelike video presentations, the Cam10 can be secured to one’s monitor, shelf or tripod via its ultra-wide bracket in order to fully support virtually all webcam use cases. This brace allows the unit to sit more comfortably in place, with additional options for bracketing or mounting the webcam via its built-in bracket with damping and / or threaded tripod screw.

So what’s the drawback to Konftel’s Cam10? For one, its lack of an exterior physical lighting source makes it absolutely necessary to download the Camera Control app to modify lighting and clarity settings as necessary. Even this aspect, however, allows for significantly higher levels of customization than other competitive offers.

With all said, Konftel’s Cam10 offers a standard, professional webcam that addresses the high levels of customization and security demanded by the corporate and consumer user alike. Not that any of this should be surprising, as Konftel has sold high-tech products for collaboration for more than 30 years.

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