Product Review: Jabra Evolve2 30

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have been struggling to achieve clear and reliable communication from remote environments. Homes can be noisy and full of distractions that can negatively impact the customer experience.

Enter Jabra, with their Evolve2 30 noise cancelling headphones.

The Evolve2 30 was specifically engineered to keep employees productive, with lightweight, portable, and reliable comfort.

This model features two built-in microphones, delivering outstanding call performance. Plus, they come with 28mm speakers for great sound. The Evolve2 headsets are UC-certified, and designed to work with all leading UC platforms for maximum flexibility.

Best of all, the headsets are highly durable, made from reinforced steel headbands and sliders for maximum stability and flexibility.

“Working from home is new for a lot of people, and there are important differences than working in an office. It’s important to provide workers with an experience that helps them conduct business and communicate as professionals,” said Mark Derby, Vice President Sales, North America at Jabra.

Equally as important, the headsets are very comfortable. Try a pair on and you’ll notice the difference, as they are supported by memory foam ear cushions and come with an ergonomic design. End users can wear them for long periods at a time without experiencing discomfort or pain. And as it turns out, they’re 27 percent lighter for enhanced all-day comfort.

To learn more, check out the Evolve2 30.