Prey Study: 43.13% of Workers to Stay Remote After Pandemic Ends

According to a new study from Prey, 43.13 percent of workers will stay remote after the pandemic ends. They join the 63 percent of workers who already had some sort of remote policy implemented before the pandemic to create a vastly expanded remote work force.

In this new remote environment, the company says, IT professionals worry about the lack of IT infrastructure to allocate resources to suddenly remote workers, followed by employees using third-party software, increasingly overwhelmed IT staff, and not having enough devices for everyone. Lack of budget is a big concern too, as well as dated infrastructure and IT personnel without the necessary experience.

In the report, 62 percent of respondents indicated that threats increased after the pandemic started. More than 50 percent strongly agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic and remote work has made cybersecurity a greater challenge, while 41 percent somewhat agreed.

Check out the free report here.