Pax8 Offers Cloud-based Network Monitoring with Domotz

Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace, announced an agreement with Domotz, the provider of network monitoring software for managed service providers (MSPs). Through the agreement, Pax8 partners gain access to the visibility of digital assets and data flows, empowering its users with mission-critical knowledge and actionable insights from their digital networks.

“With Domotz, we are enabling partners with an unparalleled network monitoring and management solution and the ability to integrate and consolidate billing across their preferred Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool through the Pax8 Platform,” said Ryan Walsh, COO at Pax8. “As businesses continue to operate in a hybrid work environment, Domotz is becoming a critical part of any MSPs’ security strategy, enabling streamlined operations, automation, and business risk prevention.”

Domotz is Pax8’s first network monitoring and management vendor to provide MSPs with the features and integrations they need to monitor and manage multiple network-based systems effectively and securely.

Alerts, network performance measurements, soft/hard-rebooting of devices, configuration backup and management of network infrastructure, friendly SNMP monitoring, and advanced dashboards are possible in an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use platform.

MSPs also can rely on APIs and developer-friendly drivers to monitor every system and connected device virtually.  Domotz’s plug-and-play solution is easy to set up and enables MSPs to deploy remote monitoring and management in less than 15 minutes.

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