Park Place Technologies Advances Hybrid IT Infrastructure Support with ParkView Server Management

Park Place Technologies, a source for data center hardware maintenance and a full suite of managed services, has released its latest innovation. ParkView Server Management, which provides the tools and expertise to support IT hybrid infrastructure: physical, virtual and cloud technologies.

The new service, delivered by Park Place’s Enterprise Operations Center (EOC), streamlines IT operations by simplifying the management of compute environments and provides clients with incident management, patch management and remediation.

With ParkView Server Management, Park Place can monitor and maintain the hardware and software components of servers virtually anywhere – streamlining monitoring and support solutions for

ParkView Server Management addresses several universal IT issues:

  • Maintaining internal competencies for various OS types
  • Patch Management control
  • Delays and downtime related to identifying common cause and resolution
  • Balancing resource focus on daily operational issues vs digital transformation

As a service, ParkView Server Management reduces operational complexities with a hardened hosted infrastructure. It is an agentless installation where one agent supports multiple OS instances and hypervisors. The service operates through secure, remote, outbound-only communications access and is implemented to enable Park Place to obtain failure-related data and to take common cause and non-disruptive remedial actions.

ParkView Server Management offers many proof points:

  • As a managed service, IT teams aren’t learning or managing a new tool
  • Eliminates 90 percent of event noise
  • Common causes are identified 50 percent faster
  • 75 percent reduction in the mean time to repair (MTTR)

Park Place has also recorded several client benefits:

  • Frees up team resources from constant monitoring of server status and alerts
  • Monitoring Governance templates reduce alert fatigue by only notifying clients with actionable alerts
  • Fill skills gaps caused by staff attrition

ParkView Server Management is part of a full suite of ParkView Managed Services that brings order to managing an organization’s critical infrastructure while accelerating business transformation. ParkView Managed Services empowers clients to discover, monitor, support and optimize physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.