Panzura Offers Data Management Solution through AWS Environments

Panzura LLC, a leader in hybrid-architecture data management, has launched a comprehensive data management solution for customers that work in sensitive data environments, such as the public sector, health care and financial services. Because the service makes the snapshots and the data immutable, ransomware attacks can’t damage files in the Panzura global file system.

Instead, attacks are shrugged off by reverting to seconds-old data blocks to reassemble uninfected files. Through a new strategic agreement, this solution, as well as all of Panzura’s other workloads, will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We’ve never lost a file, and we share a common goal to make the world safe for data,” said Jill Stelfox, Panzura CEO. “Leveraging the scalability of AWS technology stack, we are building a system that will one day make the entire idea of ransomware obsolete.”

Panzura has been co-marketing Panzura CloudFS with AWS, securing databases for dozens of customers, who have worked with the solution and gained deep integration with AWS services, such as AWS Outposts, easing purchasing and ensuring compatibility across AWS services. Now, users of the ransomware-resilient data management offering will enjoy these benefits.

The solution’s architecture allows the most sensitive agencies to move critical workloads to the cloud without fearing ransomware or internal exfiltration threats. The strategic agreement with AWS builds on three joint initiatives: highly-secure data migration, Panzura CloudFS on AWS, and Panzura Data Services. It gives joint customers a competitive advantage when migrating workloads into the cloud and reflects Panzura’s broader company objective to make the world a safer place for data.

“Security continues to be paramount for us and expanding our cloud capabilities for those customers in industries where the bar for compliance and security is set particularly high, has never been more relevant,” said Howard Wright, VP and Global Head of Startups AWS. “A key benefit of our collaboration with Panzura is the opportunity to jointly support customers who require this level of data protection, from small businesses to enterprise organizations.”

Panzura CloudFS, the eighth generation of Panzura’s hybrid architecture file system, allows businesses to modernize and simplify their legacy data storage solutions. Panzura’s smart apps offer file consistency, real-time file locking for data integrity, ransomware resilience, and backup snapshots for granular data recovery. The Panzura CloudFS continues to support all cloud or on-premises environments.

Panzura’s team will attend AWS re:Invent, Nov. 28 through Dec. 2, in Las Vegas. Reach out to Danielle Ahmadi at if you want to schedule time to learn more about this announcement, or go to