Orange Unveils Service Manage-Watch to Supervise Enterprise IT Services

Orange Business Services is forging ahead in IT performance monitoring with the launch of Service Manage-Watch, a global supervision solution for network services and applications for Orange-provided and third-party services. The solution is designed to ensure connectivity and security at the edge, applications, equipment and user experience are performing at optimal levels to meet customers’ business needs.

Enterprise information systems rely on an assortment of interconnected services from suppliers. Measuring the performance of these IT services is critical to keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. Monitoring and measuring, however, are complex as IT estates expand, potentially resulting in a lack of global visibility to identify root causes of issues or recurring glitches, inability to anticipate incidents and poor alert management.

Traditional monitoring tools take a siloed approach based on one tool per service, proving inadequate for today’s distributed infrastructure.

Service Manage-Watch differentiates itself by delivering end-to-end real-time visibility via a single dashboard. In addition, the service is bolstered by a team of Orange Business Services experts to fine-tune the correlation rules and work closely with service desk agents for advanced troubleshooting adapted to the specific customer requirements. This improves global IT performance supervision.

Metrics from monitoring tools are harvested into the Orange Data Lake and correlated for analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate proactive and predictive alerts.

Service Manage-Watch covers the entire enterprise’s IT ecosystem. Working independently of existing suppliers and service desks, it interfaces with monitoring tools that are deployed, and IT service management (ITSM) software that manages the provision and lifecycle of IT services. It covers the full Orange portfolio and can integrate any customer-owned monitoring tool.

Moreover, Orange Business Services consulting teams can support customers in their AIOps journeys.