Observe.AI Unveils Remote Agent Performance Suite

Many CX teams look at impartial agent performance data to make essential business decisions. Reports indicate that some contact centers may only evaluate 5-8% of customer-agent interactions using legacy tools. Observe.AI has unveiled a new AI-powered Agent Performance & Coaching product line that empowers CX leaders to make data-driven coaching decisions that impact supervisors, quality analysts, and agents.

“The pandemic has accelerated contact center technology adoption as brands come to see agents as the frontline of their customer experience. Operators are investing in cloud and AI and rethinking the way they offer workforce engagement,” said Swapnil Jain, co-founder & CEO of Observe.AI. “This marks an inflection point for the CX market. There is an entirely new untapped data layer for brands to chart their customer experience via agent interactions. Powered by AI-first companies like Observe, we will see the contact center evolve from a cost center to a revenue opportunity center in the next decade.”

Customers that use Observe.AI Agent Performance & Coaching features reported a 4X increase in the number of coaching sessions managers and supervisors completed over a three-month period, said the company. Observe.AI credits its machine learning and automation capabilities, which include voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and recommendation engines.

New Agent Performance & Coaching features include:

  • Real-Time Agent Performance Dashboard: Automatically identify top and bottom-performing agents across your team. Prioritize coaching for agents that need help the fastest and celebrate top performers.
  • Missed Opportunities: Identify the skills agents need to improve on with the Missed Opportunities panel. Automatically understand where agents need help the most.
  • Coaching Tags & Reports: Automatically track campaign success and connect coaching conversations to Operational KPIs. Coaching Reports make manager feedback consistent and measurable.
  • Coaching Forms: Bring consistency to the way coaches deliver and document feedback. Prep for coaching sessions in minutes with templates customized to your team’s performance metrics.
  • Centralized Documentation: Showcase evidence of everything that your team has done to make agents successful. Track the development journey of each agent.

Observe.AI’s Agent Performance & Coaching capabilities are already used by more than 160 global brands today.

“Before Observe.AI, our QAs would have to manually review interactions and pull trends for coaching, often weeks after the interaction took place,” said Neal Topf, CEO of Callzilla. “Now, we can get an interactive snapshot of agent performance and immediately improve performance via interactive, relevant feedback.”

“Success is when our agents are independent and comfortable with our clients, and they’re given the right feedback to excel in their role,” said Vincent Trotter, Vice President of Quality at National Debt Relief. “Working with Observe.AI helped us better train our agents, unlock performance trends, and put that knowledge back in front of agents to service clients better for higher CSAT scores.”

These new features will also be available to Observe.AI’s robust community of cloud service providers, CCaaS partners, BPOs, and channel partners.