Nextiva’s Workhub Combines Team Collaboration, Customer Communication

Nextiva unveils today a communications and productivity work hub. The new software enables individuals and teams to manage all conversations from a single place, boosting productivity and customer engagement.

The company says it is the first time an application brings together team collaboration and customer communication in a single place.

Nextiva also says the software solves three problems: Application overload, siloed data and expensive clunky integrations.

  1. Today, people toggle between countless applications to communicate, collaborate and manage their workday with customers and teams.
  2. Because of this, data lives in siloes and conversations are disconnected from the rest of the business, leading to a productivity drain.
  3. Integrations are expensive and complicated and do not provide the full answer.

For more than 20 years, software companies built standalone applications to solve one problem at a time. We experienced a proliferation of apps from communication, collaboration and productivity tools to customer engagement tools. The world of applications got messy, and businesses put up with it because they lacked the resources and capabilities to create integrated solutions.

Nextiva’s new app breaks down application silos to unleash the power of relationships with a single conversation view. The user no longer has to switch between apps to get work done.

Threaded Conversations are the center of Nextiva’s application, which brings together all interactions from voice, text, email and video meetings into a single view with contact management, productivity tools (file-sharing, notes on calls, calendars) and customer engagement tools (customer surveys, customer automation).

Nextiva’s application was designed with business users and their customers in mind. The full power of the Nextiva app is unleashed when every business user uses the app. This enables effortless data sharing from files, messages, links, notes, attachments and recordings together with conversations. When information is accessible and referenceable it improves productivity and creates customer “WOW” moments.

Businesses benefit from an innovative approach to software:

  • Reducing the number of applications.
  • Delivering seamless team and customer communication.
  • Creating a seamless experience across voice, email, SMS, and video. All from a single interface.
  • Embedding surveys and customer feedback directly into customer conversations.
  • Improving data sharing between various teams.
  • Eliminating mundane tasks with automation.
  • Delighting customers by engaging with them on their preferred channels.
  • Empowering businesses to get work done faster.

“We subscribe to the fundamental belief that when people are given the right tools, they can do amazing things and accomplish their business dreams. This belief drives everything we do,” said Nextiva co-founder and CEO Tomas Gorny. “From the beginning, Nextiva’s vision has been to power human connections, because conversations are the beating heart of every business. With our latest innovation, we’re helping businesses transform with meaningful conversations that build strong and lasting relationships with customers. Our goal is to help businesses bring an end to frustrated teams and unhappy customers so they can grow, retain employees and acquire new customers.

“We at Nextiva envision a world where instead of focusing on various tools, we bring conversations together into a single place and merge technologies to create a seamless experience that puts customers and teams first,” Gorny said.

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