Nexthink Wins Company of the Year Award for Improving DEX

Based on its recent research and vendor assessments in the global digital employee experience platform market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Nexthink with the 2022 Company of the Year Award. The recognition is based on Nexthink’s comprehensive platform that optimizes the digital employee experience (DEX) and encourages business sustainability practices.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Nexthink is revolutionizing the DEX space by bringing together real-time diagnostics of all major aspects of the digital management experience with solutions that optimize remote work.

Nexthink has helped thousands of businesses manage their remote business processes with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring high productivity and job satisfaction. The company relies on AI-guided analytics that improve employee performance by troubleshooting technical issues while safeguarding employees’ top performance in multiple information technology (IT) components such as virtual operating systems, cloud applications, browsers and networks.

The company’s software is known as the Nexthink Infinity Platform. It monitors all devices and software to report any impact on performance. Afterward, the platform displays the data with recommendations for experience improvement, which enables technicians to solve any issue that might affect the employee experience. The platform also enables policy-triggered automation that can enact fixes to enhance the employee experience automatically, without need for human intervention.

This innovative problem-solving capability enhances DEX and improves end-user IT experience. It also increases talent retention and productivity since employees can work with minimal downtime, crashes, freezes, or any IT issues.

As a result, the Nexthink Infinity platform is creating a turning point in the global digital employee experience platform market, and its innovations are reshaping the working habits of the remote worker.