Netenrich, Cybriant Partner to Move Upmarket, Scale Operations

Netenrich entered into a strategic partnership with Cybriant, an international managed security services provider (MSSP) that serves more than 1,400 clients, to help Cybriant expand its portfolio of service offerings, speed Google Chronicle time to value, strengthen its position in the market and attract new customers.

“Our partnership with Netenrich demonstrates our commitment to best-of-breed technologies and continued innovation,” Cybriant CEO Jeff Uhlich said. “With Resolution Intelligence Cloud’s automation, real-time data analytics, and multitenancy capabilities, we are streamlining our processes to reduce manual effort, boost productivity, and speed risk management decision-making. This new and modern approach will allow us to scale more efficiently while also increasing customer satisfaction and accelerating business growth.”

With Resolution Intelligence Cloud, Cybriant offers a range of services, including 24/7 security operations center monitoring, threat hunting, incident response and remediation. The platform takes a cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) approach to offer flexibility, scalability and tool interoperability and uses advanced data analytics and machine learning to gain increased context to detect, quantify, prioritize, and resolve business risks faster and more effectively.

Moreover, with Google Chronicle as its security data lake, Resolution Intelligence Cloud lets Cybriant ingest and retain petabytes of data for comprehensive visibility at predictable pricing. Data ingestion takes days, not months, so Cybriant and its clients see value almost immediately.

The platform’s multi-level multitenancy capabilities also give Cybriant the flexibility, convenience and efficiency of managing multiple clients from a single dashboard.

As part of the partnership, Netenrich provides Cybriant with product training and onboarding assistance to speed time to market as well as co-marketing support to help create a differentiated value proposition.

By collaborating on campaigns, webinars, and thought leadership content, Cybriant can reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

As a Netenrich reseller, Cybriant can offer and configure Resolution Intelligence Cloud through licenses, renewals and training.

Learn more about Resolution Intelligence Cloud and how you can grow your business through the Netenrich Partner Program.