NetApp Survey Identifies Challenges for Cloud Teams

NetApp, a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, released its 2023 State of CloudOps report, an annual survey exploring the state of CloudOps and how IT decision-makers feel about the ways their organizations are working to optimize their environments.

The report found that one-third of executives are “very confident” in their ability to operate in a public cloud environment, an increase from 2022 when only 21 reported feeling very confident.

“Cloud operations is critical to realizing the benefits of cloud for infrastructure and applications,” said Haiyan Song, EVP and general manager of CloudOps at NetApp. “This research demonstrates that although organizations face challenges in their cloud operations, they also recognize the importance of investments in areas including automation and FinOps to overcome those challenges.”

Among key findings in the report are:

  • 64 percent of IT decision-makers continue to see security and compliance as the top cloud operations challenge, followed by cost management, which was cited as the top challenge by 60 percent of respondents.
  • The biggest areas of focus for improving cloud operations continue to be cost management and security, according to 66 percent of technology executives.
  • The survey reveals that 82 percent of respondents believe that cloud automation is critical for optimizing cloud operations and ROI.
  • 95 percent of respondents have incorporated some automation in their cloud operations and 88 percent plan to increase cloud operations automation in 2023.
  • Despite a majority of tech executives (96 percent) agreeing that FinOps is important to their cloud strategy, only 9 percent have a mature FinOps practice. These numbers remain fairly consistent with findings from the 2022 survey.
  • The biggest FinOps challenges include reducing cloud costs (50 percent) and forecasting cloud spend (47 percent). Only 19 percent of respondents reported they have been able to make the most of discounted cloud purchase options.

“Spot by NetApp’s 2023 State of CloudOps report is interesting because it shows that cloud cost management is not just a standalone process, but one that is inextricably linked with resource management, compliance, and security”, said Hyoun Park, chief analyst at Amalgam Insights. “One cannot simply look at cloud costs in a vacuum without advocating for holistic cloud management. As companies seek to manage cloud costs, the sheer volume and variety of cloud cost service components lead companies to automate as they fully optimize and rationalize cloud resources to match business needs.”

As organizations continue to embrace the public cloud, Spot by NetApp enables them to improve and automate their cloud operations – helping control costs, improve security, optimize resources, and provide superior services across cloud environments.