NetApp Drops Line of High-capacity, Low-cost Flash Storage

NetApp, a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, announced the availability of NetApp AFF C-Series, a family of all-flash QLC-based storage options that deliver lower-cost all-flash storage, and NetApp AFF A150, an entry-level storage system in the AFF A-Series family of all-flash systems.

The company also announced the availability of NetApp Advance, a portfolio of storage programs and guarantees to help customers future-proof on-premises environments.

The NetApp AFF C-Series delivers high-capacity flash performance while remaining cost-effective and efficient for a lower total cost of ownership and a smaller storage footprint. Customers can modernize their data center with the flexibility to choose the right storage (performance flash, capacity flash, or hybrid) for their workload and database requirements, all running on NetApp ONTAP and managed centrally by NetApp BlueXP for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

The NetApp AFF C-Series, which comprises the AFF C250, AFF C400 and AFF C800, offers:

  • Guaranteed storage efficiency to improve an organization’s storage footprint and energy costs to reduce TCO while simplifying operations.
  • Seamless scalability on-premises allows organizations to scale capacity and performance as their data grows.
  • Best-in-class data security with ransomware protection to keep important data secure, available and protected.

The NetApp AFF A150 is ideal for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) and distributed deployments to meet the needs of customers who require entry-level, enterprise-class storage while providing:

  • Better performance
  • More scalability and expansion options
  • High availability with support for MetroCluster IP

NetApp AFF C-Series family and NetApp AFF A150 are available today.

The NetApp Advance evolves the storage lifecycle, allowing organizations to avoid complex, costly and time-consuming refresh cycles by enabling ongoing, non-disruptive hardware upgrades – and ensures efficient, secure and sustainable storage with guarantees to meet the needs of organizations today.

With simplified storage ownership and management, NetApp Advance helps to eliminate complex, time-consuming and costly upgrade cycles while staying current with technology innovations. Organizations can choose on-premises or cloud storage options to future-proof environments to scale securely, seamlessly, and non-disruptively as they grow.

Advance also brings cyber resilience, sustainability and efficiency best practices and capabilities that improve energy efficiency and operational performance to reduce carbon footprint and help avoid ransomware events, while also delivering expertise to recover data should a ransomware attack occur.

Benefits of NetApp Advance include:

  • Avoiding the cost, complexity, and disruption of tech refreshes by buying once and evolving continuously.
  • De-risking the journey to the hybrid cloud with the flexibility to easily scale out to the cloud if or when business demands it.
  • Establishing a secure environment to boost cyber resilience and survivability.

Part of NetApp Advance, the NetApp Storage Lifecycle Program offers:

  • No additional cost non-disruptive upgrades to the latest storage controller technology every three, four, or five years
  • Option to upgrade controllers at only incremental cost prior to three-year renewal.
  • Optional capacity refresh allows customers to replace lower capacity drives as part of a storage refresh, so customers never have to buy the same capacity twice and can achieve a more efficient & sustainable data center footprint.
  • Remotely managed software updates including non-disruptive ONTAP software upgrades packed with new capabilities and enhancements.
  • Premier-level support services, with Active IQ and Cloud Insights enable full-stack visibility and AIOps to streamline observability of the infrastructure beyond the storage layer in a single interface to quickly pinpoint issues and simplify troubleshooting. While ONTAP Essentials provides detailed overviews of ONTAP inventories, workloads, and data protection.

Additionally, the NetApp Storage Lifecycle Program which allows organizations to trade in controllers for full credit toward their choice of NetApp cloud solutions to enable easy scale out to the cloud to meet changing business demands – and new guarantees to benefit organizations in need of agile and efficient storage consumption options and models.

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