Multi-Cloud Security is a Top Priority for Most IT Leaders

Valtix, a multi-cloud network security platform as a service, released new research, conducted by an independent research firm, which reveals the top challenges, opportunities and strategies IT leaders are dealing with when it comes to multi-cloud security.

The survey of more than 200 IT leaders in the United States finds that while 95 percent of businesses are making multi-cloud a strategic priority in 2022 with security being top of mind (96 percent), only 54 percent feel highly confident they have the tools or skills they need to execute. In fact, when it comes to multi-cloud operations, 76 percent of respondents believe it is “underinvested” at their respective companies.

More than half (51 percent) of IT leaders surveyed resist moving to multiple cloud platforms due to added security complexities, even though 92 percent of them know at some point business growth will demand it. Eighty-two percent agree the complexities of implementing and managing multi-cloud security has slowed down business agility. As a result, most companies face a substantial gap between multi-cloud security and the cloud needs of a business, which many believe will drive the next wave of high-profile security incidents if not prioritized.

Additional key highlights from the research include:

  • 62% of organizations are multi-cloud, and 84% that aren’t on multi-cloud expect to be within two years.
  • 83% of companies are committing additional budget to multi-cloud security in 2022. On average these companies plan to increase those budgets by 47%.
  • 67% of companies recognize that their employees are under skilled when it comes to multi-cloud security.
  • Only 48% feel highly confident that every application workload in their public cloud accounts is known.
  • Only 55% feel highly confident they have network or host-based security deployed across all of their public cloud accounts and the app workloads that run there.

“IT leaders are entering 2022 in a precarious state when it comes to multi-cloud security. They are underfunded, under skilled, and inefficient at executing on security within multi-cloud strategy,” said Douglas Murray, CEO at Valtix. “The reality is that managing several cloud providers multiplies threats, work, and headcount. With multi-cloud becoming more relevant in 2022, organizations are looking to find the best solutions to implement multi-cloud security policy and visibility.”

When it comes to managing and securing apps across multiple clouds:

  • 96% of IT leaders say their job would be easier if they had one console view to manage their security across multiple clouds.
  • Not having visibility into cross-cloud security controls and policy creates more work for 82% of IT teams
  • 89% of IT leaders recognize that cloud security is different from an on-premises approach, suggesting IT leaders should look for cloud-native security solutions that are purpose built to secure cloud workloads.

A complimentary copy of the full report can be downloaded here.