Motion Software Launches Workforce Management Platform

Motion Software, a remote talent acquisition and team management company connecting global businesses with digital specialists, has released WhoIsAvailable (WIA), a workforce automation platform built for staffing and recruitment teams that hire and manage distributed talent for multiple clients at high velocity.

The platform combines human resource management, client relationship management and applicant tracking system capabilities tailored for the needs of companies in a simple to use, subscription platform.

“WIA is designed to help the emerging class of remote work businesses improve efficiency through automation. It allows users to govern and centralize the management of talent, contracts, clients and partners in a seamless way,” said Christo Peev, founder and CEO of Motion Software.

The main benefit of adopting WIA is reduced cost and overhead for using multiple tools for CRM, HRM and ATS while managing everything from a single dashboard. Other key features include:

  • Complete remote workforce infrastructure – Users can source, match, video interview and hire the best out of hundreds and thousands of candidates without leaving the platform.
  • Matchmaking for clients and candidates – An algorithm matches suitable candidates to a job opening, eliminating hours of CV browsing.
  • End-to-end talent management – users can publish, manage and track open job opportunities. Manage applications, hire, onboard and retain across borders.
  • Sustain a community of remote workers with varying contractual relationships.

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