MonitorEDU Announces Government Cloud Support

MonitorEDU, a remote proctoring and examination services company, announced the launch of remote proctoring services designed to work within the government cloud structure. The company’s services allow government agencies to administer exams and assessments remotely while maintaining compliance with strict security and data privacy regulations.

For the last several years, MonitorEDU has trained its workforce to proctor exams on any platform. The flexibility of its workforce allows it to proctor exams on existing government-hosted platforms that allows the company to adhere to FedRAMP, an authorization process that allows the software to run alongside government systems in accordance with mandated privacy regulations.

Don Kassner, president of MonitorEDU explained, “Since the beginning, MonitorEDU was formed to be a professional proctoring company. Our internal hiring and training processes enable our team to proctor on any platform. Additionally, since most of our team is located in the United States, we can easily adhere to federal, state, and local laws that require that proctors are U.S. based.”

Kassner added, “Our team now works across the spectrum of government structure in the U.S. and we now serve clients at federal agencies along with state and local departments that need our specific expertise and willingness to adhere to their privacy requirements.”

The company offers its solution to government agencies that are looking to adapt to the new remote work reality while ensuring the security and integrity of their exams and assessments.

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