Media Partners Highlights Human Connection of Customer Service Training

Media Partners Corporation, a people skills and compliance training solution provider, returns to customer service with Fill the Glass™: Turning the Ordinary to Extraordinary. Building on the foundation it set with Give ’em the Pickle!, the best-selling customer service training program of the past 20 years, Fill the Glass raises service levels by teaching frontline employees how to connect with customers in honest, meaningful ways.

Utilizing impactful video recreations of customer service viral success stories, the eLearning course and facilitated workshops teach employees to recognize and embrace opportunities to win the hearts of customers.

Much has changed in the customer service industry. New challenges include increased reliance on technology-mediated interactions, COVID-weary, tense customers, staff shortages, and difficulties related to managing and training an increasingly remote and hybrid workforce.

With 84 percent of younger employees seeking meaning in their work, workplaces must encourage empathetic connections with customers to develop a company culture that goes beyond simply providing a paycheck.

Seventy-one percent of consumers reward empathy with brand loyalty and 91 percent say a positive experience leads to repeat business. With this training, Media Partners brings new soft skills to their record of training excellence — Fill the Glass is designed to help customer service employees initiate meaningful connections, leading to better employee retention and customer loyalty.

Media Partners sets the standard for fun, memorable training that generates lasting culture change. Its previous customer service training has guided all types of organizations worldwide. Fill The Glass provides the high-energy learning the company is known for while reinforcing the fact that organizations are still about people — happy customers and engaged employees.

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