MedallionNet Redefines Remote Working on Princess Cruises

In a world where working remotely has become commonplace, Princess Cruises is delivering super-charged internet connectivity by leveraging a new constellation of satellites to offer the ultimate remote workstation – an office at sea.

Upon its return to service, every Princess cruise ship will feature land-like connectivity as part of its MedallionNet Wi-Fi service, making remote working, distance learning and the opportunity to conduct important transactions, available all while enjoying the most picturesque video conference backdrop on the horizon thousands of miles from home.

Each Princess MedallionClass ship transmits enough bandwidth per vessel to guarantee a superior connection for guests and the personal devices they are using. MedallionNet’s seamless integration ensures guests can work from their deck chairs as efficiently and effectively as in their office, with access to their cloud-based enterprise applications such as storage, videoconferencing and email. Because there is an access point in every stateroom, as well as all public areas, guests can move freely around the ship as they work without fear of signal drops.

As more than 40 percent of the American workforce continues to work remotely, and with an expected 36.2 million Americans are projected to telecommute by 2025, an at sea office has never been more feasible and certainly remains desirable to many.

In late 2021, Princess connectivity partner – SES – will begin to launch a new constellation of satellites that will further super-charge MedallionNet and offer guests the best connectivity possible at sea.

The unmatched bandwidth capacity delivers superior Wi-Fi service levels and powers the Princess MedallionClass experience onboard.