Mechdyne’s TGX v2.1 Remote Desktop Addresses Graphic Demands for Remote Work

As work from home continues and more organizations plan for a permanent remote workforce, simple and fast access to intensive graphics applications has become more critical for business continuity and employee productivity.

Mechdyne’s  remote desktop software, TGX, is designed for graphics-intensive data and video up to 4K resolution with little to no latency experienced by remote users. For this reason,  TGX is ideal for work from home (or anywhere) applications with varying connectivity speeds, often needing less than 30 percent of the network bandwidth required by competing products.

The latest release of TGX, v2.1 includes capabilities and improvements based on feedback from ever-more demanding applications. Game designers, sports broadcasters, motion picture visual effects specialists, product designers, architects, geoscientists and medical specialists are using TGX to access and collaborate with high-resolution graphics and 3-D models across town and around the world.

TGX 2.1 now includes:
• Multi-monitor configuration support on all receiver platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS)
• Support for Ubuntu 18 and 20, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux V8 (RHEL) operating systems
• An improved user interface for intuitive setup and connection configurations
• Automated and simplified access to frequently used controls

“TGX benefits not just remote users but also IT management because sensitive data stays safely in the office,” said David Gsell, General Manager of Mechdyne’s Software Services business unit. “With TGX, users work from centralized files and computers that can be kept secure and more easily maintained by IT teams. Co-location of workstations and sensitive data eliminates continuous downloads and uploads of files, enabling better version control,” said Gsell.

A free trial version of TGX is available at TGX is also available as the remote desktop for Lenovo workstations.