Marketcircle Helps Remote Workers Stay Connected with ‘Daylite’ Enhancements

Marketcircle, makers of Daylite, the Mac-powered CRM for small businesses to handle more clients, close more deals and create better team collaboration, offers its enhanced sync system to customers.

The updated sync system is designed to manage more users and larger datasets to ensure that under the heaviest of loads collaboration continues smoothly ensuring team productivity remains high.

“With more businesses settling into work-from-home practices, we want to ensure they have the tools to thrive,” said Alykhan Jetha, Marketcircle CEO. “Our development teams continue to innovate to offer the most efficient, dynamic and high-performance CRM to serve our customers as their businesses grow. These changes will allow us to scale to meet increased demand and serve bigger organizations, especially those with remote workforces who rely on collaboration.”

A survey of 4,000 work-from-home employees found the majority (63 percent) in California, (57 percent) in New York, (79 percent) in Pennsylvania and many other states have never actually met their colleagues in person.

Another recent report found that 85 percent of customer service agents want to work full-time from home and not return to the office; reinforcing that remote workforce, as well as hybrid models, aren’t going anywhere.

“Our goal at Daylite is to make collaboration among colleagues effortless and productive no matter where they are, so employees feel empowered and connected,” said Jetha. “We were ahead of our time with Daylite. which was originally designed when colleagues needed to collaborate from different locations within their offices. We are now enhancing that foundation to make people feel more connected than ever, even when they are thousands of miles apart.”

Beyond the sync system enhancements, Daylite has added features to increase ease of use, collaboration, and productivity including the ability to send mail attachments, improved phone number formatting and tappable links.

The new mail attachment feature allows customers to add file attachments or inline images to emails when composing email in Daylite Mail on an iPhone or iPad.

Daylite automatically detects and formats international phone numbers, which previously was available only for North American numbers. Daylite now formats numbers according to where customers are located.

All these enhancements are designed to help businesses scale ‘stability and ability.’ The updates are active for customers and ready for companies looking to grow with more sales, better productivity, instant team collaboration and by managing more clients.

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