MacStadium Enables High-Def Streaming Via Orka Workspace with Pulse

MacStadium, a Mac private cloud and software-as-a-service provider enabling macOS workloads, announces today the trademarked Orka Workspace with Pulse, a system for virtual macOS desktop delivery that enables high-definition audio and visual streaming on Orka Workspace virtual Mac desktops via any HTML5 supported browser.

Orka’s Pulse feature is the first application of WebRTC on macOS VDI and is available in preview within the Orka Workspace solution. The system for virtual Mac desktop delivery leverages a reimagined transmission protocol to create low-latency, high-performance macOS workspaces required by developers.

It leverages WebRTC technology, which is backed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and is used by many leading B2B web applications. Customers can toggle Orka Pulse on or off, as needed to experience the protocol.

“With the new Orka Pulse technology, Orka Workspace joins the ranks of other B2B web-based applications such as Zoom, Salesforce and Slack that are using WebRTC technology to drive modern business communications,” said Chris Chapman, MacStadium senior vice president and CTO.

Many B2B applications use the foundations of WebRTC to deliver audio and video communications over the web, but prior to Orka Pulse, packaging and transferring an entire desktop presents challenges, particularly for a macOS desktop.

“Pulse provides a foundation for the transmission of real-time audio and video necessary for macOS virtual desktops to work as they should. But using WebRTC for macOS presented unique challenges that required our team to redesign some of the components with integration to macOS APIs to deliver that uniquely Mac video experience users know and love,” Chapman said. “We even published some of our work on the updated Swift RTP as open-source code to enable more macOS, WebRTC tools and development.”

Orka Pulse enables faster releases by providing remote developers with access to more powerful Mac virtual workspaces, allowing them to work at a faster pace with more flexible resources.

Users can interact with a remote Mac device with the ability to stream 1080p video and no need for local installs or plugins as Orka Pulse requires only an HTML5 browser.

Additionally, the solution provides end-to-end encrypted user sessions that are managed by organizations’ IT teams and can be terminated on-demand if risks are identified.

The announcement comes after MacStadium recently made public its Orka Small Teams edition, a self-service purchase option, giving DevOps teams immediate access to an enterprise-grade macOS virtualization and orchestration tool.

As tech companies look to streamline operations and maximize their resources, automation is critical to remain competitive.

MacStadium’s unveiling of the Pulse coincides with the team’s attendance of MacAD.UK in Brighton, United Kingdome, which continues today and tomorrow. At the conference, MacStadium’s Chapman will present on the topic of unlocking Mac virtualization for organizations everywhere.

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