Lynk Circle Enables Orgs to Create AI-driven Knowledge Networks

Lynk, an AI-driven knowledge management platform, has released Lynk Circle, a purpose-built SaaS solution that helps organizations find the right person with the right knowledge in their own people networks.

Knowledge management is the fastest-growing area of AI spending globally, predicted to overtake virtual assistants as the top AI use case in 2022. By 2026, the global knowledge management market is expected to reach $1.2 trillion.

Remote work gained mainstream acceptance during the pandemic, and it’s likely to continue, with many businesses opting for fully remote or hybrid models. This upheaval of the traditional workplace has forced companies to relook at knowledge management. In this workplace environment, employees can no longer walk down the hall to ask someone for information or get the guidance they need to do their job. This trend has added to the hurdle many businesses face in gathering and discovering people’s knowledge and insights, internally among employees and externally among stakeholders such as customers and partners. People are the missing piece in knowledge management.

Since its inception, Lynk has leveraged its platform to scale an expansive people network of more than 840,000 experts spanning more than 80 countries, facilitate interactions with more than 300 enterprise customers and track activities all in one place.

After learning from customers about the struggles of managing their people networks and finding knowledge from individuals within these networks, Lynk extended its AI-driven platform that operates a global network to create a white-labeled SaaS solution called Lynk Circle.

The company’s expertise and technology have enabled Lynk Circle to be a robust and configurable solution for streamlining how organizations unlock knowledge that sits in their people networks, using AI to get smarter with each use. It is:

  • Highly configurable and secure. The SaaS knowledge management solution hosts a private, secure (ISO 27001-certified) and customizable people network for asynchronous knowledge sharing.
  • Intuitive interface with flexible interaction. Knowledge on Lynk Circle is shared in a simple and intuitive interface across optional formats such as Q&A, 1:1 calls, project work, articles and documents.
  • Advanced search. The solution also features advanced search across rich profiles and all activities, so users know who the right person is within the network if they need further insight.
  • Transaction add-ons: Optional add-ons such as compliance checks and payment processing for direct engagements with members in the network, eliminating admin hassles and saving time for users.

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