Lumen Data Protect Strengthens Network Edge

Lumen Technologies introduces its registered Lumen Data Protect, a service for companies battling the risks associated with data corruption and security failure. Lumen Data Protect is an enterprise-grade, managed data protection service built on the Lumen edge and backed by the company’s global fiber network.

The volume of critical data organizations collect continues to grow. Future-safe-minded organizations look for simple, comprehensive ways to detect data disasters. Leadership demands better data protection to avert high-profile events that can cost companies time, money, and reputation.

“Threats of ransomware and data corruption are constant. Protecting critical business data and applications has never been more important to an organization’s bottom line or reputation,” said Steve Grabow, senior vice president of edge computing solutions for Lumen. “We understand what it takes to protect data across edge and cloud environments. We are bringing organizations the right solution with Lumen Data Protect.”

Lumen Data Protect helps companies avoid high-risk data corruption events that can damage consumer trust.

Lumen Data Protect allows for quick, easy and cost-efficient backup and recovery of critical business data and applications, wherever they reside. Companies benefit from infrastructure-free, pay-as-you-go data protection that scales to meet changing business needs.

Lumen Data Protect is flexible with several on- or off-site storage options. The offering harnesses the power of data protection technology from, Commvault. Lumen is a Commvault Global Design Partner.

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