Lookout Releases Endpoint to Cloud Security Platform

Lookout Inc., an endpoint to cloud security company, announced increased functionality and feature enhancements to its Lookout Cloud Security Platform. The cloud-native platform incorporates a unified policy framework for management and enforcement across all mobile devices, in addition to cloud, internet and private apps.

New platform enhancements include a unified agent and a single control plane for mobile and cloud security services, delivering a cost-effective, simplified management experience for IT and security leaders.

According to a recent Gartner survey, 60 percent of knowledge workers are remote. In addition, a report released by Zippia highlights that 75 percent of employees use their personal cell phones for work. As organizations enable their employees to work remotely, either 100 percent of the time or in a hybrid model, the use of mobile devices to access corporate applications is on the rise. Workers based outside of the traditional perimeter of the data center who access apps that are in the cloud, use devices not managed by corporate IT, which accelerates the need for a security solution designed for the flexible workforce that “follows” and protects corporate data wherever it flows or resides.

“Point solutions result in management chaos, security gaps and poor end-user experience which affects productivity for the hybrid workforce,” said Chris Rodriquez, research director, IDC. “The Lookout Cloud Security Platform addresses these issues, creating a unified solution that not only delivers a comprehensive security approach from endpoint to cloud but provides peace of mind for IT and security leaders.”

The Lookout Cloud Security Platform converges security service edge (SSE) and endpoint security to protect users and data wherever they reside. It monitors the risk posture of users and devices to provide dynamic and granular zero-trust access based on the sensitivity level of apps and data, enabling organizations to protect workers, devices, applications and data from unauthorized access as well as from internet-based threats.

The expanded platform provides customers the ability to leverage the threat intelligence from mobile endpoints to make more informed decisions for cloud security services.

“Digital transformation and the significant adoption of the cloud have accelerated remote work and the use of mobile and unmanaged devices, which in turn exposes organizations to new security gaps that are ripe for exploitation from bad actors,” said Jim Dolce, Lookout CEO. “Lookout’s mission is to secure and empower the digital future where mobility and cloud are essential to all that we do for work and play; our endpoint to cloud security platform ensures that your data is protected – regardless of device, user or location.”

Built on the company’s patented technologies, the Lookout Cloud Security Platform combines these security services:

  • Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security enables secure productivity from mobile devices – personal, managed, and unmanaged iOS, Android and Chromebook devices – by protecting against socially engineered phishing campaigns, malicious apps, risky network connections and full device compromise.
  • Lookout Secure Private Access is a cloud-delivered zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution built on the principle of zero trust that provides seamless access to private enterprise applications no matter where the user or the application may be located. Unlike a VPN, Lookout Secure Private Access connects users to applications and not the network, a core principle of a zero-trust architecture.
  • Lookout Secure Internet Access is a cloud-delivered secure web gateway (SWG), which includes Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), built on the principles of zero trust to protect users, underlying networks and corporate data from internet-based threats and prevent data leakage.
  • Lookout Secure Cloud Access, the company’s cloud access security broker (CASB) solution, provides seamless security across all cloud and SaaS apps with unified policies, trusted data security and validated standards compliance, offering complete visibility and control.

The Lookout Cloud Security Platform includes more than 212 technology and product patents, with an additional 42 patents pending. It addresses both endpoint and cloud security, protecting data wherever it is stored and wherever it moves including across networks, clouds, apps and user devices.

To learn more, visit www.lookout.com