Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Released for MSSPs

Lookout, Inc., an endpoint-to-cloud security company, announced the availability of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, a mobile endpoint detection and response (EDR) offering for managed security service providers (MSSPs).

The solution enables MSSPs to deliver a turn-key program for identifying risk, protecting sensitive data and securing their customers’ mobile devices.

With Lookout’s Mobile EDR, MSSPs can help organizations reduce the risk of a data breach through mobile phishing, ransomware and exploitation of device and app vulnerabilities.

While businesses are adapting to remote working and investing in mobile devices, many still struggle with mobile security. According to industry data, less than half of SMBs have any form of mobile security in place – as a result, mobile threats are on the rise.

Lookout’s Mobile EDR program for MSSPs allows them to address the mobile security challenges head-on. By partnering with Lookout, MSSPs have access to the Lookout mobile dataset of security telemetry, which is built on graph-based machine intelligence that analyzes data globally from more than 210 million devices, 175 million apps and ingests 4 million web URLs daily.

In addition, Lookout’s Mobile EDR solution enables MSSPs to detect and block mobile phishing attempts; detect unauthorized camera and mic access through surveillance ware; detect and prevent credential theft and data exfiltration; detect device compromise; check all apps for risky behavior; and detect app and OS vulnerabilities.

Lookout also helps MSSPs reduce resource constraints by decreasing their policy administration time by 80 percent. Other operational benefits for MSSPs include a 95 percent user self-remediation rate and optimized battery consumption leading to less support tickets as well as built-in multi-tenancy for easier management.

For more information on how Lookout supports SMB customers and MSSPs, click here.