LookingGlass Releases Holistic Cyber Assessment Suite

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has released its trademarked LookingGlass Suite, which provides cybersecurity executives and their teams a more holistic assessment of their organization’s cyber risk by mimicking the adversary’s perspective.

The LookingGlass Suite comprises best-in-class cyber threat intelligence and attack surface management solutions: scoutPRIME, scoutINSPECT and scoutTHREAT. Grounded in intelligence about an organization’s internet-facing infrastructure, third-party suppliers’ vulnerabilities and exposures, and active malicious threats, LookingGlass Suite enables organizations to identify relevant cybersecurity issues quickly and reduces the time to act.

“Current events continue to demonstrate that all organizations, particularly critical infrastructure, face increasing cybersecurity risks. The consequences and impacts to enterprises and their customers and stakeholders require a new generation of tools,” said Bryan Ware, CEO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions. “Now more than ever, it is imperative for organizations to stay a step ahead of the adversary strategically, while also ensuring their security teams have the technical details and intelligence they need to meet operational objectives.

“With LookingGlass Suite, cybersecurity executives can leverage the adversarial perspective to inform organizational risk models and operational teams can access more relevant threat intelligence analysis to anticipate threats, prevent attacks, and respond faster,” Ware said.

As standalone products, each solution provides value by delivering attack surface insights or enriched threat intelligence to a range of cybersecurity staff, from analysts and threat hunters to network, security, and information technology (IT) operations teams.

Combined the LookingGlass Suite, customers get enhanced visibility with a map of their extended attack surface overlaid with threat intelligence. This gives security teams a clearer picture of how their organization looks to an adversary, how their attack surface changes over time, and which risks may be more likely to be exploited.

The LookingGlass Suite offers a simplified user experience, from a single point of entry to a comprehensive dashboard of the most relevant cyber insights that day. Additional major features include more holistic risk scoring underpinned by deeper reviews of vulnerabilities and exposures, expanded data sharing and integration capabilities leveraging cybersecurity data sharing standards (STIX 2.1), and executive reporting.

Learn more at https://www.lookingglasscyber.com.