Logicalis Launches Managed Digital Fabric Platform

Logicalis US, an IT solution and managed services provider, has launched a Managed Digital Fabric Platform, created to give CIOs a real-time view of how their digital ecosystem performs across key metrics, including service availability, user experience and environmental impact.

The Managed Digital Fabric Platform is a global capability added to the Logicalis Managed Services offerings. It is designed to give CIOs the insights they need to improve the environmental and business impact of their digital ecosystem.

The 2023 Logicalis global CIO study revealed that 75 percent of CIOs feel they need help to unlock their data to drive successful transformation. To address this, the Managed Digital Fabric Platform provides them with a real-time view of their entire Logicalis managed digital infrastructure. Based on machine learning and AI, the platform delivers a simple Digital Fabric Score across five metrics:

  • Availability – Visibility of traffic utilization and capacity along with predictive analytics to prevent service disruption
  • Economics – Utilization data provides insights on opportunities to maximize investment as well as practical measures to cut costs without compromising performance such as scheduled power outages, relicensing or upgrading to more efficient technologies
  • Environment – Real-time monitoring of power and capacity utilization to identify energy density and recommendations on how to measurably cut carbon emissions
  • Security – Measurement of ongoing security compliance in real-time and insights on how to reduce threat dwell times
  • User experience – Responsiveness, usability and productivity are tracked to identify ways to enhance the user experience

These metrics are benchmarked, so users can see how they perform against similar organizations and receive practical recommendations to improve performance.