Lightcast Updates Global Labor Dataset for Talent, Business Leaders

Lightcast announced an expansion of its global labor data. This dataset will specifically help business and talent leaders make better skills-based decisions regardless of geography, language and job taxonomy, and power Lightcast’s Talent Analyst product.

Of note, tdhe combination of remote work, aging population and rapid skill changes means employers are increasingly looking to tap into talent pools across national lines.

“Global data on talent supply, demand and skills is critical to build a future-ready workforce and succeed in today’s environment — yet the disparate data sources and regional tools aren’t providing the insight that’s needed,” said Chris Kibarian, CEO, Lightcast. “This release takes a significant step forward by unifying global data with our Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy and offering 3x the granularity of the current standard. It’s an important milestone in our mission to unlock new possibilities in the labor market.”

Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy – which was developed and curated through an open-source model – gives companies more confidence when conducting analysis of which employers are hiring, what occupations they’re looking for, what skills they’re seeking and what they’re willing to pay. The previous standard taxonomy, ISCO covered approximately 500 categories for job positions; the more robust data includes 1,500.

With the multinational, multi-language capabilities of the dataset, employers, educators and policymakers will be able to make meaningful assessments of talent across national lines.

Lightcast can analyze job postings in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Danish, making it applicable to 20 of the over 160 countries for which Lightcast currently has data.

To learn more about the global workforce data and Lightcast’s supporting technology, visit here.