Librestream, ECOM Instruments Deliver New Standard of AR

Librestream, a workforce transformation platform for the industrial deskless workforce, announced a new partnership with ECOM Instruments, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, to provide energy workers in the field with industrial-grade smart glasses, ruggedized smartphones, remote access and real-time support.

Librestream and ECOM Instruments are introducing a joint solution that integrates Onsight Connect, the smart glasses Visor-Ex and Smart-Ex smartphones, enabling customers to achieve a new level of on-site collaboration. The solution provides immediate access to relevant information and expert remote assistance anytime, anywhere – even in the most rugged conditions and hazardous environments.

Librestream and ECOM Instruments provide key differentiators and added value to workers in the field, positioning workforce safety, efficiency and resiliency at the core of the integration. For example:

  • Designed for workers in challenging environments – The partnership supports Onsight Connect on ECOM Instruments’ smart glasses Visor-Ex®, which provides mobile workers with a hands-free solution that meets their demanding work environments and helps them master complex procedures.
  • Advanced content capture in the field – Users can capture pictures, recordings, and call sessions from the field for future training and analytics. Ultimately this allows for online training, remote assistance, and digital solutions that reduce time, increase quality, and ensure compliance with established standards.
  • Real-time support and assistance – Critical, industrial workers gain a direct line of access to experts and processes at their fingertips. The new joint solution will support Onsight calls, easily connecting with SMEs anywhere in the world, sharing images and video; with voice command support for workers to interact hands-free.
  • Adaptable gear and access – Visor-Ex is more than a head unit; it is a distributed system that enables the mobile worker to use company resources through Librestream’s Onsight platform. Users will have the ability to access content and data to maintain situational awareness, which is crucial for safety, preventing human error, and improving productivity and performance.
  • Time and expense savings – Availability during critical events is crucial, and any downtime needs to be cut. Using Onsight and Visor-Ex, service personnel can solve problems without a technician or SME to take care of the issue. This not only eliminates travel expenses but dramatically increases time to resolution, as well as speeding up maintenance and repair work.

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