LG Highlights Laptops, Desktop Computers at VMware Explore

In anticipation of VMware Explore 2022, LG Business Solutions USA previewed its booth, which will feature 18 cutting-edge thin client laptops, all-in-one desktop computers, ergonomic monitors and zero client desktop solutions that are considered ideally suited for hybrid workspaces, health care workstations and call centers.

Visitors to LG’s booth (#1601) at the Aug. 29-Sept. 1 event in San Francisco’s Moscone Center will be able to experience everything from 14-inch LG gram laptops to 32-inch LG UHD monitors and 21-inch LG medical diagnostic displays.

“As workers and managers across virtually every industry face new challenges, heightened productivity expectations and increasingly varied responsibilities, LG is leading the way forward with innovative computers, laptops, monitors and diagnostic displays with advanced technology and features to help make work easier,” said Phillip Johnson, IT Senior National Sales Manager at LG Business Solutions USA. “Our VMware Explore booth is designed to show decision makers for offices, healthcare companies and call centers the latest powerful options available to  help boost productivity and assist in ensuring that workers have the best tools to do their jobs.”

The Healthcare Zone includes various innovative products ideal for health care workers and patients, starting with LG’s 15.6-inch multi-touch-based Arm TV that enables personalized interactive service with its multi-touch screen and the LG webOS operating system.

The dual-screen LG 28-inch Dual Up USB-C monitor featured in the Healthcare Zone sends and receives power and data with a single cable and presents a 16:18 aspect ratio, enabling a top/bottom dual-screen workstation requiring minimal desk space and clutter. Visitors can also experience the power and portability of LG’s 14- and 15-inch Mobile Thin Clients which are designed for businesses that use cloud computing services or centralized servers.

The portable thin clients are complemented by LG’s desktop thin clients, including a 24-inch all-in-one model with dual-band RFID that enables instant login for multiple users, uses an IPS panel for excellent off-angle viewing and clarity and can power up to two additional UHD displays. The booth will also demo a traditional desktop thin client that supports up to three connected displays and provides 4GB of memory with a quad-core processor to handle the most demanding office tasks.

All LG Thin Clients in the Healthcare Zone are preloaded with the IGEL OS to support remote access and reliable multi-protocol connectivity to VDI environments and cloud workspaces including support for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

The Hybrid Work Zone shows off various sizes and versions of the aforementioned LG product lines, including large 34-inch and 27-inch all-in-one thin clients, a traditional desktop thin client, a 16-inch LG gram laptop and a 17-inch mobile thin client. Highlights include two LG Dual Ergo monitors that show the versatility and breadth of LG’s product catalog with their adaptable dual 27-inch QHD displays that can each be individually pivoted and moved to form various workspaces including one vertical and one horizontal display and top/bottom stacking. A versatile mounting swing arm allows for 360-degree viewing and sharing.

In the Call Center & Reception Zone, visitors can test out additional versions of LG’s productivity-focused business lines, such as a 24-inch all-in-one thin client, a 14-inch mobile thin client, a 24-inch IPS desktop monitor and a 32-inch UHD monitor. The booth will also demonstrate several LG digital signage displays that are ideal for reception areas, guest greetings and patient waiting rooms, including a 136-inch all-in-one DVLED display, 88-inch and 86-inch Ultra Stretch models, a 55-inch LCD display and a 75-inch hospitality TV.

To explore LG solutions on display at VMware Explore 2022, click here. To download hi-res images, click here.